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Installation went fine everybody was nice and everything was cleaned up. I got this walk in shower for safety reasons because it was way too dangerous for me to get into my old tub before.

Nancy Elmore

Washington, IN 47501

Outstanding installation team.

George Hutchinges

San Antonio, TX 78254

Vargas calabash,nc thumb

Everything is working just fine. After we use our walk in tub it cleans right out so we are very happy about that.

Joseph and Margaret Vargas

Calabash, NC 28467

The gentlemen that did the work for our walk in tub did a wonderful job. We are very pleased with it! We got the tub for medical reasons and it’s really helping with that. The gentlemen that came out also did a lovely job of cleaning up everything.

Jessie and Katie Darnell

Bear Creek, NC 27207

It was a major project and they completed it very nicely. We really enjoy it and considering the big mess they made they did an incredible job cleaning up. We only got the shower for appearance and it’s a really nice design that dresses up our house a lot. We are very happy with it all.

Robert and Carol Amy

Evans, GA 30809

A few months back my husband fell in our shower and thankfully he wasn’t seriously hurt. He was just bruised real bad and I had to get my neighbor to come and get him up out of the floor. At this time I started thinking about one of the walk in tubs or showers that you see advertised on T.V. The only problem with this is that they were all out of town people and I knew nothing about them. About this time I received a call one night from a representative from Nationwide Home Remodelers so I decided to let them come and talk to us.

While their headquarters are from out of town, they had fairly local people involved in their company that came out and measured for the new shower and also to come back and install it after it was made to our specifications.

The man who came was Gayle Baker and he was a very nice person who explained everything about the tubs and showers to us in a very polite and understanding way. Because he treated us with respect and didn’t try to push a sale on us and explained everything very well; we decided to purchase a walk in shower from Nationwide Home Remodelers.

The shower has been installed for a while now and we really love it. I don’t have to worry about my husband falling in the shower anymore as the floor has a surface on it that isn’t slippery. We have a seat in the shower for my husband to sit on and it has a shelf in one corner of the shower where I keep my soap, shampoos, etc. and it also has a shelf built into the wall by the seat for my husband to keep his soap, shampoo, etc. This makes it very nice as our things aren’t in each others way.

My shower is very pretty as well as functional and I can’t tell you how much help this has been to my husband and how much he loves it and I’ll have to say that I am very fond of it too.

Linda Forester

Chattanooga, TN 37412

I must say that Nationwide Home Remodelers has some good, kind, competent, professional employees. I do not have one negative thing to say about any employees who were part of the process from beginning through installation.

I cannot say enough about Gale Baker, your Marketing Director, who came to my home to tell me about the Nationwide Home Remodelers Walk-In Therapy Tub. It was evident from the beginning that he surely knew his product, and he presented the facts in an informative and interesting way. He took ample time in his explanation to be sure that I was understanding the material he was presenting. He made this presentation in a very professional manner and conducted himself as a southern gentleman. He never tried to pressure me into purchasing the tub. He presented the difference between the Nationwide Home Remodelers tub and other tubs. I got interested in a walk-in tub I needed for safety and also for therapeutic benefits. Gale gave me his phone number and assured me if I had questions, to feel free to call. I have called some, and he has always been kind and professional.

Joe Vemn, who came to measure the tub, to see what needed to be done, and to make a list of the materials needed was competent and good at what he was doing. He was professional in his manner and work, and he took his time and made me feel what he was doing was always in my best interest. He made suggestions for me to consider and explained what the finished work would look like. He also gave me his phone number.

Johnny Abbot and his assistant worked hard and constant in order to get the tub installed in a timely way. He always called to tell me if he was not going to to be here exactly as he said. He had worked in construction for many years, and it was evident that he knew what he was doing. I was impressed with the fact that he said he had worked for many companies through the years, but Nationwide Home Remodelers was the best company for which he had ever worked. That said a lot to me about your company. Johnny gave me his phone number if I needed to call him about something.

Jimmie Rankin

Clinton, MS 39056