Walk-In Shower Collection

The Onyx Collection offers more shower bases, shower pans as "standard size" than anyone else! Choose from 51 different sizes and styles: rectangular, neo-angle, handicap easy access, and tub-replacement shower bases or shower pans.

If none of the 51 standard size shower base, shower pans fit your bath design, we can design and build a custom shower base, shower pan, and walls for your bathroom, including handicap easy access showers and steam showers. If you can draw, describe, or template it, we can build it for your bathroom remodeling needs!

Each of our tubs is designed to deliver continuous, dependable operation. Each tub is thoroughly inspected before shipment and has been UPC certified.

Each of our tubs come with a warranty that includes costs for both materials and labor for the lifetime of the product.
This warranty is non-transferable.


Walk In Showers

Tired of climbing over your bathtub in order to bathe yourself? With 70% of all home accidents taking place within the bathroom, our walk in shower conversion allows for a COMPLETE removal of your old bathtub or shower, and transforms your old bathroom from unsafe and ordinary to extraordinary with our new shower conversion system.

With over 60 colors to choose from and a wide variety of door styles, our hard surface system is truly a shower system with no peers. Our complete shower system combines the perfect combination of beauty, durability, peace of mind and safety that helps to keep our customers independent, safe, and in their home as long as possible. Here is just a sampling of what our Nationwide Home Remodelers shower conversion system can do for you:

  • Our Nationwide Home Remodelers shower conversion system comes as a full 60” length that fills the space of your old bathtub perfectly. Lots of stock size fiberglass shower systems comes as a 54” length that shrinks the interior of the shower noticeably and ends up costing you more money since new flooring and carpentry work is a given since their shower does not fill in the area of the old bathtub.
  • Our Nationwide Home Remodelers shower system offers an industry leading warranty that covers fading, cracking, peeling, denting, and even something as small as a scratch. In addition, it is completely mold and moisture resistant!
  • Our new Nationwide Home Remodelers shower system has not only over 60 colors to choose from, but has unsurpassed depth in each color that enables your new shower to look even more beautiful than marble or granite at a much lower cost!
  • Our shower system also comes with standard safety features that keep you safe in the room that matters most, with standard features such as a low profile entry step, a slip resistant floor over 4 times more slip resistant than what’s recommended on the ANSI testing, a senior friendly oversized seat that allows you to sit in comfort while bathing, shower controls that can be installed on the side of the wall where you sit, dual grab bars for easy entry AND exit out of your new shower system, and a shower system that is even wheelchair accessible.

All these features are just a few reasons why Nationwide Home Remodelers offers homeowners cutting edge technology that once again focuses on YOU, the customer, that helps YOU to stay safe in the room that matters most.


Wall Panels


Onyx wall panels are available in any height, color, and design. Panels are available in Gloss, Slate, Tile, design and Matte finish. An Onyx panel is approximately 3/8" thick and is a solid color throughout. Panels weigh about 3.5lbs per square foot.

Individual Panels

Most showers will use a panel for each wall. Each wall panel is a separate piece. The side panels have two finished edges, (top & front) and the back panel will have a finished top edge. Any cutting, notching, drilling, or sanding can be done using regular wood cutting tools.

Color Match

Panels are attached to the wall using our adhesive silicone. Color match silicone is used to seal the seams at the corners and bottom. Corner trims are also used to seal the corners. Onyx wall panels can also be used for tub/shower walls.


Shower Accessories - caddies, seats, and trim are available to match the Onyx shower wall panels and base.

Easy to Clean

Onyx panels are easy to clean. A common household surface cleaner that we often reccommend is just diluted white vinegar. This works well on all Onyx products. A Gel-Gloss product will help maintain the appearance and make cleaning easier.


Inlays are also avaialable.

Safety & Accessibility

Shower Safety


Shower Drains

  • Fits Onyx Shower Bases
  • No Glue Style Assembly
  • PVC or Brass Body
  • 4 Finishes to Match Shower Controls
  • Designed for a 2" Drain Pipe

Color Choices

Color Selector

Color Accuracy

Colors shown here are as accurate as they can be in an electronic environment. Since color on every monitor is slightly different and display driver settings can vary from one computer to another, and because the lighting is different in every home, these samples are intended to give you a close approximation of what the colors actually look like. Some of our colors are quite dark. These work best for accent colors, such as on stripes, inlays, or halos. If the very dark colors all look black next to each other on your color selector, turn up the brightness on your monitor until you can just see the differences between them.

Color Matching

When trying to compare a color on your monitor with the color of an actual object in your hand (like a tile or swatch of wallpaper), it is important that you do not hold the colored object up in front of the computer screen. This causes an optical effect which makes the color of the object on the screen look bluer than it really is, and the color of the object being held yellower or more orange. To get the most accurate comparison visually, hold the object you are comparing down lower than the screen, and move your eyes up and down between the color on the screen and the object in your hand.

Shapes Sizes

Custom Shower Shapes


Add to your spa experience

Nationwide Home Remodelers has available quality accessories to match and enhance everyone of our numerous shower colors. With matching vanities and wall panels, inlays, stripes, caddies, trays, grab bars, and towel bars, you can coordinate your bathroom no matter what your taste is.